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Artie Yellowhorse

"We take great pride in continuing a family legacy and bringing beauty and joy to people – helping in understanding the Navajo concept of 'Walk with Beauty.'" - Artie Yellowhorse

Artie Yellowhorse is known for her contemporary designs that incorporate high-quality stones and materials with an exceptional quality of silverwork. The influences of her Navajo heritage are apparent in the beautiful wearable art, which evolved out of generations of artistic talent.

Raised in Arizona, Yellowhorse is a third generation Navajo jewelry artist from the Towering House Clan. Her grandfather and father were both silversmiths and the women in her family were skilled weavers. Yellowhorse has carried on the jewelry making tradition and passed it on to her daughters.

Daughters Desiree and Le Lani are both involved in the creation and design of jewelry with their mother. Desiree has become an accomplished jewelry designer and is well known for her exquisite, one-of-a-kind, "Tahy" necklaces, named in honor of her Grandmother Anna Tahy. Le Lanie specializes in making handmade silver beads.

The Yellowhorse jewelry trademark "Rising Sun" design is one of their most popular collections with its round or oval-domed center surrounded by small 'drops' or beads of silver – each one made by hand. 

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