Supersmith – David Rosales "Black Beauty" Cuff


Stunning, Native American, handmade by Supersmith by David Rosales set in sterling silver, inlaid cuff; "Black Beauty" color combination, includes: black jade and lab opa. Stamped by the artist, 5-3/4" inside measurement, 1-1/4" opening, total measurement 7" by 1" wide. Please notice there are matching "Black Beauty" pieces to this cuff -- not included in the price of the bracelet cuff -- there are other Black Beauty pieces on our site including earrings and a stunning necklace; included in the photos here (but not included in this price). Lab opal has the same mineral content as natural opals however it is stronger and less likely to chip, crack or break.


This exquisite cuff bracelet, is designed by nationally-recognized Native American jewelry designer David Rosales – who along with his partner, John Delgado, are the founders of Supersmith Inc., a Gallup, New Mexico based contemporary jewelry design company. Each piece of their jewelry is made by hand and carries a lifetime guarantee.